"Betty Who, but swimming in an abundance of shimmering electronic richness." -

"The New York musician and one-time Bostonian has a habit of creating parallel dimensions in her emotive electronic pop, in the sense of having competing elements and sounds rattling around a traditional pop music cage, while her lyrics give a glimpse into both the struggles and triumphs of modern living. Certain upbeat sounds have downturned storylines, and every now and then glimmers of positivity ring out in more desolate rhythms."

"BARLEAUX has backing instrumentals that rival any radioplay pop productionist, and vocals and lyrical content that’s too relateable. But the blend of singing and production is exactly what creates this ethereal effect, ensnaring listeners almost as if it were dispelling curses of the IRL grind." -


A Brooklyn native, Barleaux curates a carefully crafted new sound by way of several of her female influences (MØ, Dua Lipa, Verité, Tove Lo, BANKS) with the classic analog pop she grew up on (Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Radiohead) to create a whole new territory of sonic radiance.

"Code" is Barleaux's first single via AWAL. "It's about the self-imposed pressure of being an artist in a quickly changing industry, and forming an identity parallel to their existential relationship with the outside world." A fiery, energetic seance of dark synth-pop that launches the listener into a sea of emotion, “Code,” weaves a seductive tale of jealousy and expectations, distinguished by an urgency that never lets up, from the trademark energy in Barleaux’s vocals to the distinctive background web she’s woven with analog synthesizers.

“I think the energy in the chorus really shows in the vocal,” she says. “And yes, I do sound angry, which I like."

Barleaux is also the founder of the digital strategy company, “City Hearts Digital,” and is pursuing a masters degree in Media Management at The New School in New York. She splits her time between Upstate New York, Miami, and Brooklyn.